Pigmée doll

Neither a character nor an animal, with no front or back, the Pigmee doll is what a child sees in it and it will be always something different and truly unique. Pigmée is a beautiful, handmade toy that will stimulate a child’s imagination and will inspire very personal and original stories….and it looks beautiful in a child’s bedroom.

Pigmee dollby BODIE and FOU

Eco Cradle

A baby Cradle made entirely of corrugated cardboard and designed to cater for babies first few months. The Eco Cradle can be placed next to a parent’s bed, at the right height for rocking, soothing or picking-up your baby from a laying or sitting position. It is light and foldable, assembles and disassembles in seconds without tools. perfect for traveling and great for grandparents. It is completely recyclable and made mostly of recycled material, and protected by a unique, ‘green’, non-toxic fire retardant.

Eco Cradleby Green Lullaby